Saltverk´s Flake Salt is produced with 100% geothermal energy

Saltverk Flaky sea salt is a crunchy, mineral-fresh sea salt produced using only energy from geothermal hot springs in the northwest of Iceland. Our salt making method is based on the 17th century old method practiced as well in Reykjanes. Geothermal energy is the sole energy source used, which means that during our whole process we leave zero carbon footprints on the environment.

What makes our Salt special

Harvested from pure nature in Iceland using our unique green production method.

To give your cooking a taste of the rugged North, be sure to try our flavored salts too: Arctic Thyme, Birch Smoked, Licorice and Lava. We hope you enjoy our high quality salts made from the purest sources in a sustainable way.

The Perfect Gift

If you are looking for a gift, our gift boxes offer a good choice for the food lovers.

You can mix together your own choices in different flavors and sizes.


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We have range of favourite food recipes from Iceland which you will only find in Saltverk.

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